Frequently Asked Questions

Where will I be picked up from the Airport?

We will pick you up from your arrival terminal. Details of your arrival time and terminal will be confirmed when booking.

Can I hire and drive myself?

No. We only offer our transport service with our driver. You can sit back and relax while we do all the work.

Do you allow alcohol onboard?

Liquor Control Regulations 1989 Allows for the consumption of alcohol if:

• The vehicle carries less then fourteen ( 14) passengers,
• The vehicle is hired in advance of the trip, and
• The vehicle is hired for at least one continuous hour

Is food and drink allowed to be consumed?

This depends on the type of booking. Please advise when you make your enquiry.

Do you require a deposit and what are your payment terms?

For special occasions and charter bookings a 50% deposit is required prior to date of travel. Full payment can be made by credit card or EFT.

What is your cancellation policy?

Cancellations more than 24 hours prior to scheduled booking – No charges incurred
Cancellations between two (2) and 24 hours prior to scheduled booking – 50% of total booking charged.
Cancellations less than two (2) hours prior to scheduled booking – 100% of total booking charged
Management reserves the right to review this policy as required.

Are there any hidden fees or additional charges?

Our provided quotation is the final amount you will pay. However, the provided quotation is always exclusive of entrance fees unless stated otherwise.

Does the quoted price include a luggage trailer?

Yes. It is important, when you book, to clarify luggage amounts.

Can I change departure date and time and booking is confirmed?

Please advise us as soon as possible once you’ve decided your new departure date/time.

No cost will be charged as long as we’re advised at least 24 hours before departure.

For last minute change, please call us directly instead of email.

Do you provide child booster seats?

Generally No. However, arrangements can be made depending on individual circumstances.

Can you advise some hotels and restaurants in the area?

Yes, Please liaise directly with Kim who will always be happy to make suggestions.

Does the service include insurance?

All our services are covered by our public liability insurance. This does not cover your loss of belongings or injury caused by your carelessness and disobeying provided instructions.

We always recommend you have your own travel insurance for your peace of mind and protection in the case of accidents and loss of personal belongings.

Lost Property?

If you believe you have left an item in a vehicle, please use our contact form to email us with contact details.

Lost property will be handed to police after four (4) weeks unless suitable arrangements have been made.